Financial strategies cannot be a template approach.

After all, we're each different with differing levels of wealth, unique personal circumstances, and in this global world there are cross-border issues to contend with. Yet so much mainstream financial guidance is template driven.

Back9 Capital Management Pty Ltd was born out of the need to offer high-net-worth individuals a bespoke service. A service where top-tier professionals tailor strategies to the individual circumstances of their clients.

You've achieved an asset base that needs protecting. You want to build on your success and maintain your assets for future generations. Back9 can help. Our principals understand structures, regulatory requirements and the advantages that can be delivered by personal service. We offer a service based on quality rather than quantity, thus ensuring your access to top-flight advice when you need it.


Who we help:

  • high-net-worth individuals and family groups
  • professionals and senior executives
  • business owners
  • sophisticated individuals and corporate investors
  • charities


We are good at:

  • strategies to maximise your wealth
  • structures to protect your assets
  • funds management
  • professional advice for foreign nationals (particularly US citizens) resident in Australia


What we can do:

  • advise on business exit strategies
  • provide wealth management services by developing specialised diversified portfolios selected to meet each client's individual needs
  • provide reporting and administration services for SMSFs
  • tax and estate planning

Back9 is independently owned and controlled by David Laanemaa and Dennis Fox.

Back9 Capital Management Pty Limited received its Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 306986) in November 2006.