Maintain, grow and protect your wealth

In the front 9 of your life, perhaps you've landed in the rough or extricated yourself out of the occasional sand trap. In life, as in sports, preparation is the key to success. Now it's time to prepare your financial strategies for the back 9 of your life. Back9 has the professional expertise and practical financial planning experience to help you make it to the clubhouse and realise your goals.

You are unique. So your financial needs require personal attention. The maintenance of your wealth, the structures you require to protect it and the strategies you have in place to transition you to retirement should be as unique as you and your family.


US Citizens

Are you a US citizen? Are you married to an American citizen? Back9 are highly experienced with American expats in Australia – tax & superannuation strategies.


Funds Management

Back9 will develop individual fund management strategies and manages portfolio trading activities designed to maintain, grow and protect your capital.


Tax Planning

Maintain, grow and protect your wealth with investment and financial planning services from experienced professionals. Protect your wealth and plan for the future.


Estate Planning

Why give the government more than it's entitled to? Look after your beneficiaries with our estate planning services. Highly experienced with US estate tax.



Whether you take an active hand in your superannuation self-managed or want to 'set and forget', Back9 offers the personal service that makes the most of it.


Transition to Retirement Strategy

You've made your money, now make the most of it with a transition to retirement strategy. Back9 offers personal, high-quality, hands-on advice for your needs.

* Supported by outsourced asset management consultants

Who do we help?

We provide personalised strategies to high-net-worth individuals and family groups, sophisticated individual investors, business owners, senior executives, and professionals to maintain, grow and protect their wealth.

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