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Interview: Understanding the Financials of Being Born Global

Back9’s Managing Director, David Laanemaa, sits down with Advance to discuss “Understanding the Financials of Being Born Global”

In this interview, David addresses the financial, tax and cultural implications of living and working globally particularly in relation to the US and/or Australia. Here are a few of the highlights from the interview:

"People are expanding at a far greater rate in terms of globalising their affairs and spreading themselves and assets over many countries. That brings a plethora of financial and tax issues."

"Americans have a very distinct set of issues that citizens from other countries do not have, namely reporting requirements to the IRS. For instance, if you're an Australian living in the United States, and provided that you are not earning income in Australia, you are not required to file Australian taxes. On the other hand, if for instance, you are you're an American living outside the US, under age 65 and single, and earn $10,400 or more, you must file a US federal tax return declaring your worldwide income - no matter your residence."

"It’s not just filing your taxes. For instance, if you have a green card and you're living in the US (or an American expat living abroad), you must report any foreign bank accounts you have that exceed $10,000, cumulatively. And that seems like such a small thing but it is often overlooked."

Read the full interview with David and Advance here.




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