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Understanding Wealth Management

A wealth management strategy is a ‘whole life’ approach and will assist you to evaluate where you are now financially, where you want to be and how you can achieve your goals. The right wealth manager can help you identify your life goals, identify how to meet them and ultimately create the solution that is right for you. From determining your investment timeframe to understanding your tolerance for risk to safeguarding your retirement, a wealth manager can be a valuable partner in managing your life goals.

The management of your financial affairs requires time, knowledge and resources. Areas such as tax, superannuation and succession planning can be highly complex and change regularly. It’s also becoming more common for beneficiaries to move overseas and for families to purchase property abroad, so the financial and tax planning required becomes even more complicated. Not only do you need to know the tax implications in the US of owning a property in Australia, for instance, but you also have to be aware of the local taxes in Australia and how these may be mitigated. As well as capital gains and income taxes, these could include estate planning taxes.

The assessment of your life goals and current financial status is necessary to help plan your actions carefully. A gap analysis helps to evaluate your resources and highlights the strength and weakness of your plan, putting into perspective the effort required to fill in the gaps to meet growth expectations.

Wealth management is more than investment advice; it offers a comprehensive analysis of your financial health. It will provide details of the current status of your money and affairs – financial and otherwise. As with many things in life, knowing where you stand makes it easier to get advice and make decisions for investments and financial plans. Comprehensive financial advice also provides a review of your insurance and retirement planning needs.

When you have a wealth manager that you can trust, who has taken the time to get to know you, your family relationships and your unique circumstances, planning and investing for your future or your business doesn’t have to be complicated.

Experienced wealth managers have the tools, resources and expertise essential to planning the right strategy for your wealth aspirations. A valuable wealth manager will gain a rich understanding of each client’s personal and financial life, as well as coordinate with accountants and lawyers for a holistic approach.

You are unique, and your financial needs require personal attention. The maintenance of your wealth, the structures you require to protect it and the strategies you have in place to transition you to retirement should be as unique as you and your family.

At Back9, we provide high net worth individuals and family groups, sophisticated individual investors, business owners, senior executives and professionals with personalised strategies to maintain, grow and protect their wealth. Contact Back9 for reliable and comprehensive wealth management services.


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